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The rabbit is out of the hat: I'm indeed working on a new book. It's called "RabbitMQ Essentials" and is published by PackT Publishing. Yes, you're reading right, after Mule, it's now RabbitMQ's turn! Clearly, I'm specializing in writing about animal-named technologies. (C) Kallisto Stuffed Animals Why writing yet another book about RabbitMQ? After all, there are already several very excellent books on the subject out there. I think Ross Mason gave the best answer to this question on Twitter: Let me further articulate the reasons why I decided to embark on this new book project while the ink on Mule in Action is still wet: RabbitMQ is a great piece of open source technology and I think it can use all the coverage it can get. From the get go, RabbitMQ has been built with the idea to make things right: it's a breeze to install and configure. Adding extra plug-ins is a no-... (more)

ESB Testing Strategies with Mule

To be able to do anything useful, an ESB must be configured with all sorts of parameters, from endpoint connection URIs to message transformation scripts to content-based routing definitions. Moreover, ESBs like Mule can host custom components, which will process messages and perform user-specific actions on them. Deploying a new version of an ESB configuration raises the question of whether it will break anything. How can we build confidence that everything will be just fine? If unit testing did it for standard software development, what can it do in the realm of the ESB? Since... (more)

Jitter Mule Functional Tests With Jitr

Embedding Mule in a web application allows you to tap the Servlet layer of your favorite web container, which is a good thing as you are supposedly very familiar with its behavior and tuning. When it comes to writing functional tests for such an application, my strategy was to replace the Servlet endpoints with stock HTTP ones, a substitution that is trivial to perform thanks to the modularity of Mule configuration files: I simply loaded a slightly different set of files at functional test time than the actual file configured in my web.xml file. Since I was writing the tests as s... (more)

Is Test Overlap A Necessary Evil?

In a recent blog post titled "The Limitations of TDD", Jolt Awards colleague Andrew Binstock shared some reservations Cédric Beust has about TDD. When a person of extensive experience like Cédric speaks about testing, you pay attention. And I did. Among the very interesting quotes from Cédric that Andrew has reproduced, the following really struck me: Another important point is that unit tests are a convenience for *you*, the developer, while functional tests are important for your *users*. When I have limited time, I always give priority to writing functional tests. Your duty is... (more)

Just Read: Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring

Since Zabbix 1.8 came out, I have been wanting to upgrade just for the sake of getting the new and improved AJAXy front-end. Indeed, the Achilles' heel of the previous versions of this otherwise very solid and capable monitoring platform, was the poorly responsive GUI. But I kept pushing the upgrade for a later date. When the good folks at Packt Publishing offered me to take a peek at their brand new Zabbix book, my procrastination was over. Equipped with such a complete and up-to-date reference material, I had no reason for not taking the plunge and upgrade. This 400+ pages book... (more)